1800 954 266 could be a Premium SMS number in Australia.

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    John - Sydney

    My wife was in another room and looking to watch a TV show and hit a link to download - similar to others a screen popped up and said the computer had been infected and to call Microsoft on the number provided which she did. She had been on the phone a few minutes when she came in to tell me - she had given him access to the computer via remote access - he kept her busy by drawing pictures on the screen whilst he was quickly turning of the virus software.

    I just turned off the computer with the hard switch and she shrieked as I did because he had said whatever you do don't turn off your computer. He stayed on the phone another minute trying to get her to turn it back on as I said repeatedly it was a con.... she never believes me.

    I gave her my iPad and said to google the number... she now believes me. I turned the wifi off, and tuned it on again - can't get the antivirus to run so will take to a local doctor. Changing all passwords for good measure.

    BEWARE - the site is very convincing, they are persuasive, but dangerous. I hope we stopped them in time, but fear they may have scraped off some personal information. No money changed hands fortunately.....

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    This number appeared on a dialogue as part of a browser lock on a Microsoft computer whilst using Google Chrome. Whilst browsing the internet, the browser was locked with a page that looked very convincingly like a Microsoft Support page. The number was flashing on the screen with a message saying if we call the number a Microsoft Technician will help us to unlock the computer. The message on the screen also referred to the WannaCry ransomware and warned that if we tried to shut down the computer, the ransomware would be activated.

    Clearly the phone number is a scam.

    We have since used task manager to shut down the browser and are running virus scanning software to check that no malware was installed. If this happens to you. Don't call the number, just shut the browser down, run your anti virus software and then clear your cache when you run the browser again. Most importantly - don't panic!

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    Do not listen to anything they say. It's a huge scam.

    These scum bags just want your money. Please do not give them any information.

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    I was surfing the net when I got this warning about my PC getting compromised so I dialled this number. A guy with an Indian accent got my call. I asked if he's from Microsoft - he said they're a contractor of Microsoft. When he got me into getting access to my screen - I asked him how do I know he's legit, he started showing me all the bad sites that compromised my PC and his litany about malwares, ransomware etc....I got scared so I let him access my screen. But then I wonder why was he trying to scare me more than I already was. He's also a bit rude. When he told me about paying around 250 US dollars to fix everything...I realised it was dodgy. I told him he didnt tell me I had to pay. When I told him I need to talk to my husband first and will call him back, he hung up...

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    Ragnar Lothbrok

    Download... "Calls Blacklist" on App store or Google Play... Permanently blocks all Private num#.

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    Ragnar Lothbrok


    1800-954-266 + Prank call via Private num# = Unlimited fun.

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    Yep, please block this number. I too got scammed.

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    these scum pretend to be Microsoft and ask for your credit details.

    DISGUSTING pigs on minimum wage jobs living in a shit hole of a country

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    I tried to stream a movie and my computer froze, with virus alert and to call the above number. It looked like genuine Microsoft, so I called the number but when they didn't answer with 'this is microsoft' I asked who it was and they didn't say so I hung up. they called back immediately on a private number, and so I though it was Microsoft. He got me to give him access to my computer and then using note pad got me to write down my details (he was really rude as well!) When he wanted my card numbers I realised I was being scammed. I said I don't know who you are, I'm not giving you my card numbers, and he started arguing with me about it. I said I'll give you my card number when the problem is fixed and he wouldn't have it, so I said well just send me an email to confirm who you are, and he wouldn't. He kept hassling me, and then I said well I don't have that much money anyway, and then he said well we can give you a discount... I said no thanks and he kept on at me. He didn't have an accent, could have been austalian though he said he was in California but definitely didn't have an American accent..... I hung up, shut down my computer and unplugged it. I didn't think I was stupid, but I can totally understand how so many people could get scammed by this!

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    Pakistani/Indian sounding callers claimed to be in California and claimed my computer was infected with a network security breach - pornographic whatever. They require contact with the 1800 number so their technicians can walk you through the removal process. They claim to be "Cyber Security Space" who are subcontractors for Windows when there are network security breaches. They claim that if the phone number is not responded to within five minutes, they will be forced to shut the computer down to prevent further network damage and to advise the 'appropriate authorities' of the pornographic activities that are going on at your IP address. They 'diagnose' that your computer has been infected, is being used by 95 other people who, at this very moment, are at work stealing everything worthwhile on your computer. Hurry, hurry. They then indicate that they can remove the threat via a two-pronged process costing $399 and $299 respectively. When you close down the page on which their 1800 alert appears, they leave behind a bit of what, I suppose, passes for porn in Pakistan or elsewhere.

    They claim to be located in California.

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