Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reverseau's purpose?

Reverseau is a community for users to report phone numbers of scammers. These reports have helped them to get rid of scammers. They will be able to know how to protect themself from scam.

How to use Reverseau?

It's simple! Let's start your search by typing a full phone number (including area codes such as 02, 03, 07 or 08 for fixed line telephone numbers) into the lookup-box above and press enter or click on Search button.

Is the data on Reverseau taken from the Integrated Public Number Database or any private source?

Absolutely all of our data is taken from the public domain and none taken from the Integrated Public Number Database or any private source. All information is available on this website that is already available online.

How often does the information on Reverseau change?

Information on our website is always updated. Every day we receive user-contributed reports and data on calls or messages that phone number has made. Our AI system analyzes reports and data to identify fraudulent phone numbers.

What information is public and what information is private?

While browsing our website, we are not collecting any personal information of you. However, we will record your IP address (which may tell us your general location, not enough for us to know exactly where your are) when you report a phone number. Your report will be visible to the public.

For more information about Privacy Policy on our website, please view our Privacy Statement.

How can I get my phone number removed?

We do understand that in certain circumstances you may want to opt out of our service. If you would like your information removed, please send us your request at Contact Us.

What are my options if I disagree with the other user's report?

Don't worry! Please send us an e-mail to to submit a removal request about the other user's report and why it should be removed or you can also send us your request at Contact Us.

We may reject requests that are unreasonable, including those that would be extremely impractical, could require disproportionate technical effort, or could expose us to operational risks.

Why is my report not showing up?

Before any reports can be posted, they have to be approved by Reverseau and passed some rules:

  • The report must not contain profanity;
  • The report has to be related to a phone number;
  • The report must not be duplicated;
  • If a report passes the above rules, it will be posted in 24 hours.
Why should I use Reverseau services?

We're committed to protecting privacy and personal information to making Reverseau a safe community. You are always protected by Reverseau service as Anonymous.

Do you have any question? Please feel free to contact us at Contact Us.