About Us

Innovation and the Future of Reverseau

When Reverseau was founded in 2014, Reverseau was a free service to reverse Australia phone number to check who called you. After several years of operation, we realize that the protection of personal privacy needs to be respected. Therefore, we no longer disclosed personal information (such as name and address) of phone owners as of 2018.

We realize that the demand for information search of Australia phone numbers is still increasing. However, users are no longer looking for the personal information of the phone number, they lookup Australia phone number to see if the number that they just received a call or text message is the phone number of the scammers or not.

Therefore, Reverseau is now a community for users to report phone number of scammers. The reports have helped users to recognize who called so it will be easier for users to know which phone numbers are used by the scammers. Users who received fraud calls or phishing text messages will be able to know how to protect themself from scammers.

Although Reverseau does not disclose personal information of the phone owners, Reverseau still allow user to reverse Australia phones to know who called and get information of the businesses which own that phone number such as business names, short descriptions, number of reviews, address, type of service etc. Please note that any information obtained from Reverseau may be inaccurate, and we will not be responsible for such information.

You can use Reverseau Lookup completely free of charge. There is no time limit and there are no hidden costs.

We would like to say thank you for your contribution to the community.

Finally, we wish you to find what you’re looking for on Reverseau.