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Wondering why I called back instantly after they called me and the number is not connected and there is and American lady telling me that it is no longer connected.

If they ring again I'll surely be answering again and they will be getting a rude shock with the reception they receive, just like their constant intrusion in our lives.

E for effort

Calls themselveves - LOCAL COMMANDER CENTRE - Just telemarketers

Call now blocked using Telstra Call Guardian 302 landline phone

That's the last I will hear of them

Heather James

This is my number I no longer operate my design business. Please change the name to just Heather James


It happen today, some talking which I don't understand, (recorded staff) ,then hang up


They ring several times a day even late at night or on weekends and never leave a message and despite blocking the number on my unlisted mobile, they still get through and it is getting annoying as they ring several times after the other. Something needs to be done to stop these calls.


This may be a scam number. Received a call and once I said hello they hung up.

Nunov Yrbiz

Unexpected call from this number Answered call with "Hello". Call terminated / hung-up by caller without voice or reply. Suggest blocking this number as at least SPAM if not more sinister.


I received an email supposedly from Dan Murphy's saying that I had won a gift voucher and to ring 1902228173 to get a code to enter into my claim but something made me hold off I had got to the part where I entered my name and mobile number but I stopped. will have to check my next phone bill.


It's a number for " SAVING ON GASS BILL " IT'S SCAMMERS !


0385640928 - Toyota Chadstone Service Department.


This number is a sales call from Insurance Line, using dirty tactics to sell life insurance etc. Block it.

Artic Panda

Received a TXT message from a number claiming to be Latitude Finance stating access to my account is disabled for identity check, please click on "WEB Link" to enable access. I didn't know this financial institution existed until I received this message - I would assume this is identity thieves at work, can anyone confirm?


Called then hung up. I wonder if the telemarketing company is scamming their client. Those companies get paid by how many numbers they call. Saves them money by just calling and hanging up. They get paid anyway and don’t have to pay for staff. Bastards


Received a text with an Uber code


Received a text from this number stating I had $1.03 in account, checked account using another phone and account total was as expected.

thomas Vestal

Totally SUCKS


Missed call


So...I outright asked Andrew Johnston (Australian Tax Office Principal Lawyer, Sydney) WTF he was doing texting me from another number after I blocked his Telstra phone number. He then got another number (via and App he said). I blocked that number and then he got another number to text me and I blocked that too. I finally said FU, I'm going to the police and he finally stopped. I was freaked out big time! It's hard to know how to handle this type of behaviour. E.g. Do I now try to placate and befriend this person in order for a long-term better outcome or do I run for the hills and have them do this stuff again from a fourth phone number. OMFG. I moved a long, long, long way away from him as soon as I thought I had him lulled. Thank God it finally seems to have stopped. He told me his ex wife was a lunatic but therein lies the problem...I think it may have been quite the reverse.

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