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    Please we need to group together to put up a united front.. can we start a Facebook page to warn people about this guy..... This guy is a piece of work.... he is a Gumtree scammer (and phone scammer, car parts scammer, camera lenses, and jewellery ... ) you get the point.

    I just lost a massive amount to this guy he has no idea on what this has done to me...

    He searches vunerable people who post “wanted to buy adverts” he gets pictures from the web and can be very convincing... he was supposed to send me something I had been saving up for , it took me over a year to get the money in my account.

    Thinking I was getting a good buy I transferred the money got all ID etc off (done the usual checks people would do) obviously I didn’t think of doing a number search :(

    He DOES live at 3 Voltaire Way Hoppers Crossing his dad lives there and will tell you he doesn’t! His dad is just as bad because he has not pulled this sh*t head into line. What kind of person trolls the internet daily just to rip you off. The scum of the scum that’s who!

    I won’t recover from this any time soon as I’m without the product I needed and I won’t be able to save up that kind of money again as I’m a student.

    Please someone start a Facebook page or something (I’m a bit tech clueless) but I don’t want people to suffer the same as me.

    He has used these numbers as well , but obviously he keeps changing them and the voice mail is full (wonder why hey...)

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    Not sure what these dickheads wanted. A lot of background noise when I answered the call, sounded like a typical call centre. Male voice suggested I needed to be in front on my computer, then he said to get a stick and bash my computer so it breaks. I suggested he come and provide some assistance and that I'd break him instead of my computer, he then hungup.

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    Braiden Stokely

    Scam, kept calling and calling saying they were from telstra

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    Number is from an electricity marketing company

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    Spam caller, asking about my electrical and power bills

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    I keep getting calls from ‭07 3029 8043‬. Never any messages left on my voicemail and I tried to phone them once but nobody answered. I have now blocked the number. I hope it works.

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    Spam or more dangerous - received text advising account locked with an attachment link - rang back number with no answer and full message bank

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    How does one report this number as scammers? I am sick to death of them calling my number.

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    Just got a call from this number like a minute ago, saying whatever electricity bill and how we can save up 42%? The thing is I don't even know how they know my name and the thing is that, I own the place which I'm living in right now hence I don't pay any electricity bills. They're probably scammers, really annoying.

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    This is a scam. I frequently get calls from numbers beginning with 03 9937----

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    Received a few calls nobody speaks.

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    This number calls my mobile constintly

    I answered and the guy sai ‘hi, is this jessica’ I replied ‘can you take me off the dialling list’ he replied ‘I’m asking you something different and you’re answer something different, I don’t know why’ then hung up me!

    When calling back I can’t get through.

    Whatever this number is associated with is bullshit

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    I did not answer. No message left on answering machine.

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    Called me 3 times on Saturday morning in the past few hours

    I ignored first 2 calls and picked it up the 3rd. I heard a lady with Indian accent asked me something about utility bills and get me 40+ % discount for it. I politely refused and hang up the phone.

    And block the number

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    Returned call. "Number not in service." Scam. Blocked.

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    Called about electricity bills. These guys call about 3 times a week from different numbers. Every time they call me I tell them that I don't pay the bills (I live at my in-laws). He told me that my name was on the bill which I told him was not true and he said OK and the conversation was over. Hopefully they will stop calling me now.

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    This number called me numbers of time. I tried calling back and it’s a weird dialing tone. Picked up once and no sound at all. Definitely scam!