1902 224 422 could be a Premium rate services number in Australia.

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    Cheryl Alexander

    I just received my mobile bill and I have been charged $106.55 from INFOCALL No. 1902224422 which I have never dialled except for just now to try and find out who they are. (Some quiz for fun) . It's some scam but after being put on hold by Telstra for an hour, they say they can't help.they were able to block this number now what about the money for me..?how can I get it back?

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    Ticked off

    Yes, except that it said that I had called them!!! I guarantee i didnt! So sick of this shit!

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    Received my telephone bill and have been billed a ridiculously high amount of $124.70 for a call I did not make. This is daylight robbery and I refuse to pay this bill. My provider have referred me to TELSTRA to make complaint and I have not heard anything from them. Shameful.

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    I have received a bill for phoning this number. I have no intention of paying it and I will report it to telstra. How do I block it?

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    [email protected]

    pensioner was billed $126.68c for a call to a site Fun Quiz, at $5 per hour this is a scam, Telstra are not interested in following up, their only interest is collecting their share of the swindle.

    Pity Telstra don't stop these sites operating and defend pensioners right

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    It is a scam

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