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  • 0448 910 849
  • Goes by the name jasmin king
  • - by Johnny about 10 minutes ago
  • 02 6200 7900
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  • - by CaseySaund about 2 hours ago
  • 0412 135 460
  • I have a Malaysian mobile number. A lady (Malaysian Chinese I presume) asked for another person. After that i hang up.
  • - by Dave about 5 hours ago
  • 0428 195 691
  • Recorded voice from Telstra saying this number was not resisted when I tried calling it back
  • - by Anonymous about 5 hours ago
  • 03 4589 7521
  • Indian scammers posing as Telstra tech support
  • - by Anonymous about 5 hours ago
  • 0423 201 780
  • Pretended they needed my address to deliver parcel. Sounded like a false asian accent
  • - by Anonymous about 6 hours ago
  • 07 5405 9553
  • This number tried me twice today but I couldn't answer the call because I was working the first time and driving the second but from the comments listed here it sounds like someone trying to scam money out of me for a bogus car accident that I have not been involved in so I am glad I didn't answer or try to ring it back. Definitely and number I am passing on as a scam and don't answer the call
  • - by Anonymous about 7 hours ago
  • 02 5776 1201
  • I don't answer unknown calls and they can piss off
  • - by Julie about 7 hours ago
  • 1800 015 972
  • They are scammers, do not give them access to your computer (DO NOT GIVE THEM REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER, DO NOT DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWER). It is a scam to get you to purchase fake antivirus software (it doesn't do anything). If you get a call from this number or your computer displays an ad telling you you're infected with viruses and have to call their number, do not call! It is a ploy, you computer isn't infected it is just a really annoying ad. Prevent the dialog box from reappearing and then close it.
  • - by Anonymous about 7 hours ago

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