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  • Left a message about tax evasion and fraud, advised that either we or our attorney call back for details and to find out about consequences. Indian accent. Idiots!
  • - by Deb about 3 minutes ago
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  • it become4s bitchy way to keep calling and you don t even say anything
  • - by an idiot going crazy laike CIA or Mossaad bla bla about 4 minutes ago
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  • rude b**ch with english accent!!! calls me at home, gives me an attitude and starts yelling when I asked what exactly did she want from me. very evasive, something about an insurance claim in the past 18mths, obviously just after private info. hang up!
  • - by Anonymous about 16 minutes ago
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  • Have had 8-10 calls from this number, trying to offer a better deal on my mortgage. Whenever I ask to speak to a supervisor they say "hello? hello? can you hear me? are you there?" as if the line has dropped out. They call back the next day and do the whole thing again.
  • - by Anonymous about 17 minutes ago
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  • spam refund calls originating from this number-beware
  • - by Anonymous about 20 minutes ago
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  • Reject shop inverell
  • - by Anonymous about 23 minutes ago
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  • I got same things..Weirdo asking me if she should pee. She is on a road trip and they wont stop. Just plain weird,first time he ask me are u girl or buy ?i said girl he call me ,after that he knows im male ,he ask me do you want talk with my sister...i block hes nomber
  • - by Medi about 55 minutes ago
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  • It's a company called Insurance Line at which point I hung up.
    Also seems to be automated for bulk calling. So when you pick up there's a delay and then someone picks up and goes "Hello?"
  • - by Franscesca about 1 hour ago
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  • it's the scam, they call you and claim that you fined by Government because of accident or something.
  • - by james about 1 hour ago
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  • i Keep getting calls from this number and then they hang up
  • - by Anonymous about 1 hour ago

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