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  • 03 9378 8980
  • Central Waste
  • - by Anonymous about 10 minutes ago
  • 1800 380 551
  • I ended parting with $200 called them a few times because I was still getting the same problem my laptop freezing I ended up telling them I thought they were scamming me they got very aggressive with me & hung up on me. I don't know what to do from here I know my money would be long gone by now. Very pissed off
  • - by Kate about 31 minutes ago
  • 02 8355 7878
  • Got a call from this number after enquiring about internet security software. The trouble is im not very computer savvy and allowed them into my computer (brand new) to download the software for me it was only when he asked me to type out my credit card details that i became suspicious now i can not get into anything on my computer all i can do is log on and thats it cant do a system reboot or anything now my only hope is getting on to the manufacturer and hoping they can help me. These people need to be arrested. So angry and upset
  • - by K about 38 minutes ago
  • 03 9301 0700
  • Coolaroo Medical Clinic in Melbourne's northern suburbs
  • - by John F about 1 hour ago
  • 0416 460 017
  • Spoke with her on the phone and she sounds super bogan!!!
    Would be a high chance I would lick her shitta like a pineapple fritter.
    Could be wrong?
  • - by jimbo about 1 hour ago
  • 03 8362 3580
  • They call 3-5 times each day! Good thing I've set to auto reject.
  • - by Anonymous about 3 hours ago
  • 0404 286 803
  • His name is Roni, He was fucking my Mrs....
    She has left me because she said his dick was bigger then mine and he lasted longer! What a dog!
    Im Looking to see if he has a sister atm to punish fuck her!
  • - by Doug about 5 hours ago
  • 0401 167 068
  • She said her name was Carlee?
    Sounds like a hooker after money to me....
  • - by jimmy about 5 hours ago
  • 02 9799 3339
  • 'Hello R----. This is a voice from the past. Please ring me on 9799 3339.'
  • - by Anonymous about 15 hours ago
  • 0427 789 541
  • This guy is a pest. Constantly making fake bookings with escorts. Time wasting loser!
  • - by Bella about 17 hours ago

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