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  • 0401 955 333
  • I received verbal abusive and threatening texts from this number. Vulgar swearing and disgusting language.
  • - by Anonymous about 49 minutes ago
  • 0416 919 791
  • This was added in error thought it was a directory for whos number belonged to who
  • - by Anonymous about 2 hours ago
  • 0476 888 897
  • He also uses other phone number +61 474 000 973 :/
  • - by Anonymous about 2 hours ago
  • 0433 137 577
  • I received at facetime from this number st 3:45am thst quickly hung up followed straight after by a missed one.
    When I called back the lady claimed to never have called me.
  • - by Anonymous about 8 hours ago
  • 0439 778 286
  • I met him on meetme, he said he's in Melbourne winding up his partnership in a jewellery shop 'dynamic smiths' which was never 'listed' because his business partners ex wife was nasty, reason business is closing...... Because partner found his new wife to be in NZ so he's moved off over there, although business was never registered, apparently, this week the books are being 'audited'.... He also stated that he's from Scotland, but was born in Germany..... I reverse se ached the 2 photos he sent...... Those same photos have been used in many other scams, mostly in USA.... although the site does say this is possibly a Telstra number...... Wish we could put photos up here to share!
  • - by Anonymous about 15 hours ago
  • 0401 033 994
  • This is a scammer. Pretends to be from Apple Care and then gets aggressive when confronted that he's a scanner. Ignore the derogatory comments.
  • - by mr_techy about 16 hours ago
  • 0481 070 796
  • SMS spammer.
  • - by Anonymous about 17 hours ago
  • 02 8204 0578
  • Whoever rang me from that number wouldn't leave a message. I think it's a scammer. NBN Co wouldn't contact you like that. Besides NBN CO isn't even rolling out in my area.
  • - by Gary about 18 hours ago
  • 02 4898 3216
  • what's the area/country for this number??
  • - by Anonymous about 18 hours ago

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