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  • 02 8073 4195
  • Identical to Jay
  • - by Brian about 7 hours ago
  • 0436 367 903
  • Got a txt from this number saying I had an mms from optus with a link to open. Opened it and got hacked, locked out of my phone.
  • - by Anonymous about 9 hours ago
  • 03 6784 5787
  • I got the exact same call from this number. Telstra told me they were scammers. A further list of dodgy numbers ringing my new private landline number in just 2 weeks are: 0369561127, 0363621429,0357845787, 0378889944,0261236445, oversea numbers that don't display and 0262820454. I haven't had time to give my new number to family yet but instead have to bother with these people! Now i have to change the blasted number yet again!!!! All calls say the same thing about concern for my pc internet safety.....
  • - by Anonymous about 10 hours ago
  • 07 5515 8905
  • Missed called today. So they must still be at it!
  • - by KB about 11 hours ago
  • 07 3634 1991
  • It's the cerebral palsy league - telemarketing
  • - by Anonymous about 11 hours ago
  • 03 9311 3315
  • Apparently their my Internet provider.. and I'm having some issues.. Told them my Internet was fine.. and they could go jump. Scam
  • - by Anonymous about 11 hours ago
  • 02 4407 0022
  • These people obviously know it's tax time in Australia and are trying to get some easy money by scaring unsuspecting people.
  • - by Anonymous about 11 hours ago
  • 0488 862 063
  • Rangme and didn't leave a message. Blocked them
  • - by Anonymous about 12 hours ago
  • 08 6377 7234
  • had call from this number trying to sell a trip to Bali could not understand what she was saying
  • - by Anonymous about 12 hours ago
  • 0403 423 805
  • Eric Hao - Groupon Australia
  • - by Anonymous about 12 hours ago

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