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  • 0410 556 353
  • This phone belongs to a man that does SPAM calls, he talks for a moment and then he hangs up. He is mentally ill is a liar. You should block him if he calls you. He might call you to ask for something that you sell, but he doesn't want to buy it, he just wants to SPAM and lie. He uses several names. I hope this comment helps, if he spammed you.
  • - by Jenny A about 2 hours ago
  • 02 8987 8000
  • I received an automated call from this number saying it was apple support. I hung up the first time and it called back. I hung up again.
    The call was placed on Sunday at about 1:55pm
    I did not ask for this call and there was never anyone to respond on the other end. Only a computer.
  • - by Anonymous about 2 hours ago
  • 0428 349 156
  • Unwanted texts
  • - by Anonymous about 3 hours ago
  • 07 3358 4932
  • So we're all winners? Congratulations everyone! What are you going to spend yours on?
  • - by Anonymous about 5 hours ago
  • 07 3358 4932
  • Congratulations your mobile has won $950,000.00 courtesy of the UK Lotto Promotion Award 2016. Ref: EL/967 Contact: or +44702404186
  • - by Got same message this morning about 5 hours ago
  • 07 3358 4932
  • Hi received the same text
  • - by an about 8 hours ago
  • 0411 927 000
  • Missed voicemail left. Rang late
  • - by Anonymous about 8 hours ago
  • 0411 927 000
  • Missed voicemail left. Rang late
  • - by Anonymous about 8 hours ago
  • 0426 285 222
  • Don't waste your time ladies. He can stretch it out. Back and forth texts, conversations, yep he's coming, send the address, aaaaand he switches his phone off. Meanwhile I could've been in bed hours ago, had I just said no.
  • - by Anonymous about 12 hours ago
  • 07 3358 4932
  • Same text:uk lotto promotion award 2016 ref:967 contact mike steward& to +447024041865.....55555(Thai)
  • - by Pete about 16 hours ago

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