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  • 03 9772 0430
  • SEO Spammer offering amazing rankings with PBN Links. Stay Away!
  • - by Joe about 1 hour ago
  • 0487 644 160
  • Received an unsolicited offensive suggestive sexual text from this number.
  • - by Anonymous about 1 hour ago
  • 02 8015 2270
  • Same as previous comment hangs up when answered
  • - by PARK about 2 hours ago
  • 0410 001 623
  • makes massage booking and doesn't show, can look him up on FB
  • - by Anonymous about 2 hours ago
  • 0402 335 916
  • No response, they rang twice, same day, both times said nothing and hung up after i answered.
  • - by Anonymous about 3 hours ago
  • 03 8578 3263
  • This number has dialled my mobile number the last two evenings, twenty four july and twenty five july two thousand and seventeen.
    As i answer hello , the number hangs up.
    I have saved it in contacts as ..another weird indicate to me not to answer it.
  • - by Anonymous about 3 hours ago
  • 1800 958 212
  • 1800 958 212 : Re-routed numbers to a nasty and sophisticated call centre based in India that pretends to be working as or for Microsoft support team.( Apple computers are an easy target). They are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Those scums are installing malwares and viruses from popups or with bundles software as Adobe Flash. More
    importantly, Adult sites are 98% to be found as their favourite way of passing their viruses (eg: " DepFile " as host files). Your internet browser suddenly freeze and your computer is being frozen. Best way is to shut your computer down ( by pressing power button for 20-30 to seconds ...or, Press ESC continuously for 10-15
    seconds ...or to make sure, unplug Your computer). Fear and stress will take over with messages saying that your computer has had a virus attack. Restart with a
    clean browser cache and a run of a antivirus if you have one. Talk to someone (to your local computer guy) if you are not reassured or still in distress.This is a free phone call number, that’s targeting Australian audience. Note that nothing has changed in your computer system but check if some extensions had been added to
    your browser.If you do a lot of surfing the net, always run Task Manager that can stop any further damage. Do not let those curry scumbags win.
  • - by Anonymous about 3 hours ago
  • 02 8379 2233
  • Trying to scam me
  • - by Nick about 3 hours ago
  • 03 9689 5258
  • phone rang 6:05 pm five times l did not recognise the number then they hung up no message. I suspect scammer.
  • - by gerry about 3 hours ago
  • 0437 429 821
  • Apparently calling from A mortgage firm. Saying I won an android tablet, but I needed to do a short survey. She said I entered a competition with either Coles or Bunnings. When I told her I didn't , she asked if I did own a home though? I asked what I had to do to get the tablet, she obviously realised I might be clued onto her. Because she quickly said if it wasn't me who entered, she'll have to give it to the runner up, then she hung up. I rang the number back to find it ringing out to a full msg bank. Obviously a scam!!
  • - by Anonymous about 4 hours ago

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