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  • 0488 755 827
  • Telemarketers for Greenpeace
  • - by Anonymous about 8 minutes ago
  • 0468 353 968
  • Company selling wine
  • - by Anonymous about 37 minutes ago
  • 03 8652 1534
  • This company won't even stop calling me after I hurled abuse at them for 1 minute solid. Repeated calls to me and I don't even own a home.
  • - by MARK about 57 minutes ago
  • 02 8039 1181
  • This is a Debt Collection Agency
  • - by Anonymous about 58 minutes ago
  • 08 7099 3800
  • Call back scammers - beware!
  • - by Anonymous about 1 hour ago
  • 02 8104 1014
  • A telemarketer calling about insurance. Polite and friendly but also hard to get off the phone.
  • - by Anonymous about 1 hour ago
  • 02 8880 0377
  • Hi, Just had a phone call from this number and was told they were from Vodafone offering me a fantastic new service, but when prompted she know that I was with Vodafone nor how many phones I had. Asked her to look me up in her records and she hung up!
  • - by Anonymous about 1 hour ago
  • 0416 928 537
  • Assistant to a Wealth Management company in Perth.
    Professional to say the least.
    Very happy Client.
  • - by Dr Lomar about 1 hour ago
  • 02 9539 8822
  • Crunchboards - Business Software
  • - by Michael about 1 hour ago
  • 03 9998 0447
  • If you answer this number they first not telling you who they are. Instead they tried to know who you are and wanting to confirm your name. Then they asked if you own the property which you currently lived in. This is a doggy phone call and just don't give them anything. Simply hang up!
  • - by Peter about 2 hours ago

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