0473 029 463 is a mobile phone number and it could be provided by Telstra in Australia.

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Other formats of phone number 0473 029 463:

  • 0473029463
  • 0473-029-463
  • 0473 029463
  • (04) 7302 9463
  • 0473 02 94 63
  • +61 473 029 463
  • +61473029463

8 comment(s) on 0473 029 463

  • Brett James dilger Launceston posted about 1 week ago.
  • I live at 40 Brougham Street West Launceston in Tasmania. Beware don't cross me I'll stalk you..Note note note everything I write comes from a paranoid mind because I have fried my brain with ice.. I don't have any proof that Sookie has ever tried to extort money from me.I get on Facebook and get information from there that's why I keep repeating myself and all the information I have gotten of Kerry also comes from Facebook..it's funny how low I will go to make uup lies.. once again my address is 40 Brougham Street West Launceston tasmania
  • Brett dilger posted about 1 week ago.
  • It's me again as I like to talk to myself I might as well give everyone my address ...Here it is everyone I live at 40 Brougham Street West Launceston... Tasmania.. I usually post on Craigslist but I might as well post on here too..
  • Brett James dilger Launceston posted about 1 week ago.
  • Yes I'm at it again trying to convince the world that all I do is stalk.. yes I'm a very lonely man with issues.. yes I smoke crack yes Crystal rejected me yes I have nothing better to do than sit behind my computer wanking my dick because my wife Maxine Lynn dilger can't satisfied my needs.. yes I have 2 daughters Jaqueline rose and Jessica Lee dilger and yes I will put my daughter's in danger because I can't help but harrass anyone who rejects me.. I can't help it.. I will harrass a family who has lost there dad and I will keep doing it til I die... No one listens to me that's why I keep writing bullshit about anyone who rejects me.. I believe it's because I was adopted and I was played with by my mother babra dilger and my adopted brother Colin would torment me as a little boy thank fuck there dead.. dooms day is coming g because I chose to contact sookiee grieving children because I get a hard on just by stalking.. I know because I have done this I am going to meet my maker sooner than expected.. I have fucked with the wrong people and yes I have been warned before not too contact or make lies up about certain people but as I've said I'm a twisted little fuck.
  • Brett dilger posted about 1 week ago.
  • The comments on this website are the pathetic excuses written by sookie lee aldridge and her partners in extortion kerry donnelly /dalrymple vineyard worker and (tall dicky ) richard baker ..
    Ageing prositute sookie,in conjunction with kerry donnelly has continually tried to extort money or she will harrass your children and infect social media with vile lies .
    Albury police still wish to interview crystal .
    Please do not contact any of her relatives as they are estranged and care for crystsals children after their father passed ..
  • Brett dilger posted about 1 month ago.
  • Hi my name is Brett James dilger and I am the one who has written the comments above.. I have to write this so I can prove to her that I will no longer be harrassing her and her family.. we dated briefly and she found out I was married so she told me to fuck off.. she has proof that I was deeply in love with her and I just couldn't accept the fact she has moved on.. she has the police involved now and she can get me charged if I don't try and remove my comments. I'm a married man who does advertise on Craigslist because my wifee has issues. Crystal is a good girl and everything I have said was bullshit!! This isn't even her number..I'm so sorry Crystal
    Brett dilger
  • Anonymous posted about 2 years ago.
  • I got call from man named diky on ph numbr
    He told me rude things and was scared when he said he take me to hotel.
    He dont listen and i scared.
    He later rang me from 0458545590 hi hanged up on nasty horrible man
  • ruined marriage posted about 2 years ago.
  • Crystal evans prostitute tasmania .
    Crystal/sookie /chloe lee/harley/blonde ambition.
    One of the most devious hooker ive ever met
    Has hidden cams in her room or carried with her and films your activities /performance.
    If you dont come back for regular visits or meet her demands she then threatens you with publication of advertisment you alledgedly wrote to dating sites .
    These ads alledgedly expose you as gay, bisexual, or that you engage in weird sexual practices.
    She posts ads under your name on craigslist and then proceeds to blackmail you with these ads.
    She also replies to ads using your details then gets replies from potential sex partners ..
    She uses these ads and replies as proof to show your children , spouse , what a horrible person u are
  • no blackmail posted about 2 years ago.
  • Georgetown tasmanian prostitute sookie.
    Demands $1000.or she will committ suicide and blames you for her to commit suicide.
    Then gets female ( extremely bogan voice) to ring saying she is a ward nurse at launceston general hospital .
    She further advises you that police have been called and are on way to interview herself and sookie to have you charged with pushing her into suicide.
    This is a very practiced scam .
    If you dont meet their demands they will hunt your relatives down and tell them how youve been abusing this tragic prostitute.

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